Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project 10 | Books

As I was searching around pinterest one day I came across a photography blog that was so inspiring...something I've been trying to do lately...be inspired by others.  I don't know if it's been the never ending winter this year or what, but I really feel like I need some inspiration lately...and not just the kind that's pretty to look at, but the kind that makes you get up and do something.

What caught my eye on Jessica's blog was her most recent post called "Project 10."  This months theme was 'Books' and she shared her take which included 10 beautiful photos.  I decided to join in and see how the word would inspire me....

I had sooooo much fun with this challenge!  I based it around a stack of books that sit in my hutch in the kitchen...no I'm not a very good cook or baker, but I love reading cookbooks and attempting something new once in awhile.  

I did manage to do a couple of self timer shots which I don't do enough of.  I always seem to be behind the camera and rarely in front of it ;)

I love how these pictures turned out...how inspired I felt looking at the other photos that were shared and challenging myself to create something.  

I'm looking forward to next months challenge now!!

Thanks for letting me play along... K :)


Jessica Downey said...

What beautiful photos! I love everything about them, your creativity, the light, the props... Just wonderful!

Sarah said...

Awesome photos! I am so with you about needing to be inspired lately! The weather is definitely to blame! ;)

Christal said...

Love this post awesome pictures!! You are SO talented!!