Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Back!

I realized today...yes, it's the end of April...that I have not blogged yet this year!!  How is it possible that I have let my blog go.  This was once a place where I shared all my creative energy as well as the life of my little famiy.  I loved it and cherished it.  And now it has been forgotten and left to sit here doing nothing.  The stories are untold and will be forgotten since I clearly am not recording them anywhere. get back at it I'm going to share 10 things I don't want to forget right now.

1. A couple of weeks ago we splurged and bought the boys a trampoline.  I had been against getting one for quite awhile cause I honestly didn't want it taking up our backyard, didn't want to spend the money, and was a little bit afraid of someone getting hurt.  BUT...I will admit that it has been the BEST purchase!!  The boys love it and jump on it any chance they get (one boy more than others).  The very best moment that I never want to forget is Ryker's excitement towards it.  I send him out almost every morning to jump before school.  We are talking 7 a.m. jump sessions!!  He waits patiently until I tell him he can go jump and he knows the rule that he has to be super quiet!  There was even a morning it was cold and rainy and he begged to go out and jump.  Having my window open listening to them laugh and play on the trampoline is the absolute best!!!

2.  We've been working really hard the past 4 months to figure out Maguire's food allergies or sensitivities.  His preschool suggested we go see a naturopath because of the bags Maguire always has under his eyes.  I was a little hesitant as I had never been to one before and wasn't sure what it would be like, but this journey has been full of learning and growing.  We went off Dairy, gluten and corn over the course of 4 at a time...and it was really interesting to watch how we reacted to the changes.  I made the commitment to do it for the whole family which I thought was going to be really hard, but it was amazing.  The kids were great at staying away from the foods we weren't supposed to be eating.  And...the results...dairy has been a culprit.  Whenever the kids eat it they complain of stomach aches...and I actually feel the same.  I used to always have stomach aches after supper especially and now it is rare if I have one!  Good news!  We are on a break right now from trying anything new, but we continue to eat dairy free and gluten free any meal that I make for the whole family for Cody.

3.  My little necklace business has been great!  I love having a way to be creative!  And I am so greatful for the support of my family and friends who love my necklaces just as much as me!

4.  My hubby's grandma passed away this past week so he is away for the weekend at her funeral and visiting the place he grew up.  I wish I was able to be with him, but with so much going on at home it just wasn't possible.  It was fun chatting with him yesterday though and hearing that so many of his cousins and siblings were able to be there.  I had mentioned to my hairdresser that she had wanted to die for over 20 years...her daughter and husband had both died within a few months of each other and she had lost another daughter a few years ago) and she looked at me like that was the weirdest thing she had ever heard.  But having the knowledge of the plan of salvation and knowing we can be together forever as families brings comfort and peace.  I am truly thankful for the knowledge I have of this life, that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again when we leave this earth and be reunited with those we love who have passed on before us.

5.  My favorite snack at this moment is Hummus and Mary's Organic Crackers.  Someone needs to stop me.  I can't get enough.

6.  I have been trying really hard to completely de-junk my house!  I have gathered countless bags of stuff to get rid of, and the kids have managed to unload everything behind me.  Everytime I open a drawer or sort through something I ask myself "Do I need this?"  and "When did I use this last?"  When you've lived somewhere for over 12 years it's hard to believe all the stuff you've collected.

7.  I set a goal for myself to read a book each month.  I have been doing a great job so far and have enjoyed getting back at it.  Some books take over my life, and some seem to last most of the month.  The best book I read was "The Spark"...check it out cause this mother is AMAZING!!!

8.  Can't wait for the nice weather so I can get back outside and take pictures!!!  This year I am offering a couple of days of mini sessions.  I usually only book a handful of shoots since being a momma is my #1 priority.  I seriously can't wait to get back out there though.  I love it!

9.  This week is our 14 year anniversary!  Hard to believe it's been 14 years!!  And sadly with Cody away this weekend and the kids schedules this week we won't really get to celebrate....

10.  Setting a goal for myself to get back to blogging.  It's time.

K :)


Dixie said...

Welcome back! I always love reading your posts.

Sheri said...

Hooray! Glad you are back. I blame instagram for my slower blogger pace ;)
Great update.